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Orff-Schulwerk Association of Ukraine was created in February 2018. Its activities spread with the organization of the first International scientific-practical conference. Since then, during the year, the Association holds this event, as well as interacts with professionals from different regions of Ukraine.

- 2018- "Orff-pedagogy: modern dimensions of implementation", Kyiv, Drahomanov National Pedagogical University.

-2019- "Orff-approach in the development of creativity: ways of integration in contemporary art education", Kyiv, Drahomanov National Pedagogical University

-2020- "Elementary music making by Karl Orff: from the development of musical abilities to learning to play on a musical instrument", Chernihiv, Chernihiv Music College named after L. Revutsky, Chernihiv National University "Chernihiv Collegium" named after Taras Shevchenko.

The first international scientific-practical conference "Orff-pedagogy: modern dimensions of implementation" took place in 2018 in Kyiv on the basis of National Pedagogical University of Dragomanova. Joanna Tomkowska, a teacher from Poland, became a guest international expert and speaker. She combines the Orff-approach and Dalcroze pedagogy in her practice. Ms. Joanna checked out the master class "Singing, dancing, playing and creating music with Orff-approаch".

Beсause this was the first international event for the Ukrainian Orff community, so it brought together about 150 practicing teachers from all over the country. Those who stand at the origins of the Orff movement in Ukraine presented their practical materials and experience. In particular, doctor of pedagogical sciences Kateryna Zavalko gave reports and master classes, President of Orff Shulverk Association of Ukraine Svitlana Fir, members of the Association Orff Music Therapist Tatiana Chernous, Oksana Veres, Natalia Mironova, Eugene Shulga. The conference ended with a round table "From Orff-idea to Orff-studio" with the participation of Svetlana Fir, Tatiana Chernous and Oksana Veres. A collection of reports was published as a result of the conferences.

Ioanna Tomkowska, an international speaker speaker, Dalcroze- teacher from Poland, was also invited to the conference.

Another international scientific-practical conference "Orff-approach in the development of creativity: ways of integration in contemporary art education" was held in March 2019. Angelika Wolf, an Austrian teacher from Mozarterium, became a guest international expert.
Once again, the visiting card of the conference was a combination of theory and practice of leading teachers of Ukraine, their reports were also presented in our scientific compilation. Among the speakers and experts of the conference were noted Kateryna Zavalko, Svitlana Fir, Hanna Vasyutkevych, Maryna Losytska, Maria Martos, Natalia Myronova, Kristina Shestak, Olena Rostalna.

The third international conference "Elementary music making of Karl Orff: from the development of musical abilities to learning to play on a musical instrument" was held in February 2020 in Chernihiv with the support of the National University "Chernihiv Collegium", named after T.G. Shevchenko. International speakers and experts of the conference were teachers from Slovakia - Ivan Schiller and Tomasz Boros. Among the speakers and leading master-classes we will note Kateryna Zavalko, Svitlana Fir, Natalia Myronova, Tetyana Chernous, Kateryna Razborschuk and Kristina Shestak. The results of the conference are presented in the scientific collection.